Two Ways To Trade In RuneScape

Due to the fact that Jagex has changed the trading regulations, the trade should be balanced. You will be limited to a 3,000GP gain or loss every 15 minutes. Now all the sites can’t trade as before.

More details for new trade rules at

In the future trading, Please contact our live support or MSN after payment.
Don’t put your faith on those unknown websites, is the most professional one that you should trust.

If you buy gold following our present methods, what you get is not only the gold you buy, but also the upgrade of your account level.

Now there are two new ways to do trade:

  1. You provide the Account name, Password and Bank pin, we will transfer the corresponding gold you ordered to your account (faster order). But there are some requirements of your account. More details please read “Delivery Information” at page:
  2. You provide the Account name, Password and Bank pin too. Our professional Runescape gold-farmers will login the account to get the gold for you. The finish time of your order depends on the level states of your account. When your order is completed, we will email you to notify. More details please read “Important Note” at page:

We guarantee that this process is definitely safe , because there are only two ways you can get gold from Runescape Gold trading sites now. And there are many players who have bought from us in the two ways and we have been enjoying high honor in this field.

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