The Forthos Dungeon In OSRS

The Forthos Dungeon in the recently revised town of Hosidius has recently been uncovered and is in progress to be surveyed in the coming weeks. This new territory is stuffed with content intended for mid-level players.

The fundamental prison passageway will be set in another zone in Hosidius called the Forthos Ruins. An optional alternate way passage will likewise be accessible for opening that will take you straightforwardly more profound into the prison.

Among the new adversaries are harder red insects, undead druids and a fresh out of the box new red creepy crawly chief, the Sarachnis. The enormous creepy bug will highlight another drop named the “Monster Egg Sac,” which will give countless red arachnid eggs upon use. The undead druids are updated forms contrasted with their living partners and will include an improved drop table.

A few new exercises will be available in the prison. Another miniquest is being acquainted that will send players with gather pages to top off three books which can be turned in, uncovering the area of the alarming arachnid. Alongside the miniquest, there is a raised area to revive supplication focuses and a bone burner to help petition experience when utilizing bones on it, like the overlaid special raised area. A chest will likewise be holding back to be plundered for players sufficiently fortunate to make sure about the vital drop from the beasts that plague the prison.

At the point when the declaration for Hosidius adjust that was made in a Weekly Poll blog in March, Mod West had initially prodded another prison that was in progress under the name of the Hosidius Dungeon. This has since been changed to the current moniker of the Forthos Dungeon.

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