RuneScape Beginner’s Guide

RuneScape is a popular MMORPG with a huge world for you to explore. It’s abundant with different interesting NPC’s, monsters, and exciting locations. This big variety, while encourages exploration, can be overwhelming for new RuneScape players.

That is why we’ve decided to make a short guide for RuneScape beginners.

The Basics

The first thing you should know is that RuneScape has a large and open world and you are not directed towards any specific path. While there are some restrictions and requirements, they will only come into play later, when you’ll no longer be in need of this guide.

Second, while RuneScape is a free-to-play game, to access the majority of features you’ll have to purchase a RuneScape membership, which essentially is a form of subscription.

Since the introduction of bonds it is possible to acquire an OSRS or RS3 bond and exchange it for exclusive membership rights using RuneScape gold. This means that you can virtually play the game to its fullest without spending any amount of your own money.

Third, if you’re a person who enjoys freedom and exploration, go ahead, explore Gielinor.

However, keep in mind that you will not be able to keep to a single type of play: you can’t completely avoid questing, crafting, or fighting – these three are necessary for the full progression of your character.

Combat and skilling are pretty simple even for RuneScape beginners: most actions performed or items made helps you increase your character’s experience.

Quests can get you various rewards, but they have a range of requirements and completion methods.

RuneScape Skilling For Beginners

Skilling, like another skill in Runescape that we will discuss next, is a simple process. Whichever profession you choose to master, you will be required to turn something useless or close to useless into something that can be used or consumed by you or other players. You will need raw materials for this situation.

For that, we have such professions as Fishing, Woodcutting, or Mining. These professions mostly needs you to be on an appropriate level and have the necessary tools. Fletching or Cooking requires materials that can be obtained by gathering. New players are recommended to pick at least one of the aforementioned gathering professions.

They are also known as the “Big Three” and for a reason: these skills are a good way to make consistent RS money since the raw materials obtained through them are always in demand.

Choosing to level up skills efficiently is a good way to make money. 

RuneScape Combat For Beginners

Combat in RuneScape is relatively straightforward. You either kill them or be killed. In the first case, you get RuneScape drops where you can get items, experience, and/or gold, in the second you get dropped. Experience is accumulated on successful hits.

RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape combat systems vary in that RS3 has a skill-based combat system which can be turned off at a players leisure. In OSRS, ranged and melee combat is based on your click accuracy, the same can be said with magic, however, magic requires you to choose a spell.

RuneScape Questing For Beginners

Questing is a vital part of the game and probably one of the most interesting for both beginners and long-time players. Quests in RuneScape vary from simple tasks to engaging tests or epic journeys.

There are hundreds of quests and all of them are unique. Questing is one of the strongest features in RS. You will surely remember doing most of them. To make things easier, we have here a shortlist of RS quests that are great for beginners:

  • Cook’s Assistant – provides Cooking XP, the only requirement is to be able to go places.
  • Witch’s Potion – decent amount of Magic XP.
  • The Restless Ghost – Prayer XP and a funny short story.
  • Imp Catcher – Magic XP.
  • Goblin Diplomacy – Crafting XP.
  • Waterfall Quest – members only, provides a huge boost in Combat Level.
  • Rune Mysteries – ability to use Runecraft.

This is, of course, not an extensive list. You check out more quests available in RuneScape’s official website.

RuneScape Trading

Trading in RuneScape can be done mainly in two ways:

  • direct trade offers to players
  • trading via Grand Exchange

Direct trade is done very rarely. People mostly trade via the Grand Exchange, because it is convenient and the price suggested by the system itself makes it a perfect spot for RuneScape beginners, who could be taken advantage of otherwise.]

Besides, you can access your bank in the Grand Exchange, and this makes it the perfect place to trade if you’re aiming to earn more RuneScape gold.

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