osrs gold making methods

Most Profitable OSRS Gold Making Methods Today

OSRS gold is a commodity you cannot afford to run out of when playing RuneScape. This is true in other MMORPGs being played today, since having enough in-game currency can mean life or death in most in-game situations.

This is not actually a bad thing, if you look into it from a different perspective, this makes playing the game more interesting.

OSRS Gold Making Methods

For this reason, most RuneScape players are wondering what are the most profitable skills in OSRS today?

The good news is we may just have the answer to that question.


Some of you might be surprised to see Smithing come up on this list, since it has been known to not be that profitable according to most experienced RS players.

However, Smithing is now one of the most profitable OSRS making methods today. This significant change is all because of the Blast Furnace. It has become quicker and cheaper to use the Blast Furnace for Smithing than anything else in Gielinor, so it’s well worth your time to give it a go.

When you reach level 50 Smithing you can begin Smithing mithril bars, which will net you around 600,000 Gold Pieces an hour. At level 85 Smithing you can smith Runite bars that can get you anywhere between 1.2 and 1.3 million Gold Pieces an hour.

There are also plenty of other valuable ores you can smith too if you look around!


Runecrafting has long been one of the most profitable skills in OSRS, and it still is today. If you need help in identifying which one to work on, go for Double Nature Runes and Wrath Runes, to maximize your OSRS gold making per hour.

Double Nature Runes have always been a great way to make a good amount of OSRS gold, and this is still the case today. However, there’s a new rune made available in Gielinor, and that’s Wrath Runes.

Wrath Runes can net you more Gold per hour than Double Nature Runes and are considered the highest leveled runes in the game. You’re looking at 1,600,000 OSRS gold an hour with Wrath Runes.


Thieving is one of the simplest and easiest OSRS skills to level up and there are various ways to approach leveling this skill. You can go with the classic pickpocketing other players, or complete the Fight Arena mission or steal from Cake and Tea stalls when you first play the game.

Because there are plenty of options to level up this skill, it’s practiced by most RS players, so we would not fault you if you choose to level this skill first before any other skills.

You can start stealing from Master Farmers when you reach level 38 Thieving, although to get a better success rate and more gold per hour you’re going to need to have a higher Thieving level.

Pickpocketing Paladins in East Ardougne, those near the castle and market, can also get you a great amount of OSRS Gold and chaos runes.

Pickpocketing Paladins is a very easy task to do and it doesn’t take up too much time or require any special knowledge other than having a good enough thieving skill. It is advisable that you have at least a Thieving skill of 70 for this task.


Need a more engaging and more gold? You can do just that by having a good Combat level. You receive around three to four million OSRS Gold an hour by using your Combat skills.

You can start fighting off Revenants, Brutal Black Dragons, Demonic Gorillas, and Lizardman Shaman, to name a few.

With all those skills, mastering one or two can give you a consistent source of OSRS gold. If ever you need to sell your excess OSRS gold pieces, don’t hesitate to use our OSRS gold trading services.

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