most profitable osrs skills

Most Profitable OSRS Skills To Earn More Gold

Old School RuneScape is a type of MMORPG where having a lot of gold never hurts. Old School RuneScape Gold, or OSRS Gold, lets you train your skills and buy weapons, armours, food, and other in-game items. Basically, everything in the game would require you to spend gold if becoming rich was not enough incentive for playing this game then here are some things that will make it worthwhile on top of all those coins.

You can sell OSRS gold with your skills which could mean taking less time grinding out levels as well as making money from it. There’s always an opportunity to turn around rare item drops into more wealth.


If you’re looking for a skill that can make some good money, look no further than smithing. It’s easy to start earning gold at lower levels and once you’ve reached higher Smithing levels it’ll only get better! With the addition of Blast Furnace worlds, this is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone who wants their bank balance to steadily increase as they level up.


It’s not uncommon for real-life thieves to earn millions of dollars if they pull off a great heist. The same thing can be said in Old School RuneScape – the best part about this skill is that it doesn’t require any special knowledge, and you’re able to quickly start seeing results by stealing from Master Farmers at level 38 Thieving. It will take some time before you turn your riches into OSRS gold (earning around 400k per hour) but when all those stacks add up…you’ll wonder where they came from.


The OSRS skill of Runecrafting is a lucrative profit-maker, and it’s been well known for some time now. The most profitable runes to craft in this game are Astral Runes, Nature Runes, and Wrath Runes; among the three you can get up to 1.6 million gold an hour with Wrath Rune crafting at level 99.


If you want to make money from OSRS and enjoy defeating monsters in the game world of Gielinor, then combat is a skill worth mastering. There are dozens of ways that players can earn gold or other rewards with this skill, including skeletal wyverns, Demonic Gorillas, Revenants, Vorkath, Zulrah gargoyles, and brutal black dragons.

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