History of RuneScape

RuneScape Today

Jagex Ltd is an independent developer and publisher of online games headquartered in Cambridge, England. With 3 offices altogether – 2 in Cambridge and 1 in London, Jagex has over 350 employees. 

Roughly half our teamwork on providing our players with support, answering queries, and assisting with disputes or lost passwords. Most of the remaining half work directly or indirectly on RuneScape – scriptwriting, coding, graphics, audio, and testing all make up the giant development effort required to keep RuneScape frequently updated.

Underpinning our games are our proprietary network communication and graphics compression technologies, which are utilised in all our games. These technologies are continually evolving and form the backbone of our development plans. We are continually improving our technologies to enable the company to attack and achieve our ambitious aims.

We intend to become a significant online operator in all the major gaming markets worldwide, developing and commercializing highly compelling online games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, based on cutting edge technologies developed in-house.

Our aim for 2008 is to continue to develop and improve RuneScape, while at the same time taking RuneScape into other non-English language markets following Germany. And to develop further games using our technologies.


In December 2001 Andrew, Paul Gower, and Constant got together and founded Jagex Limited as a commercial operation to take over the running of RuneScape, underlying technologies, and other games developed by Andrew. RuneScape had already by then become a game which had had over 1 million accounts created over 2001!

The three founders set out with two immediate tasks: firstly, to make the operation of RuneScape commercially viable, establishing long term advertising sales relationships, and secondly, to develop a premium version of the game for subscription-paying members.

Both of these tasks were achieved soon after, and on 27th February 2002 Jagex launched RuneScape Members version. In the first week after launch over 5000 people subscribed, making RuneScape instantly one of the largest pay-to-play Java games in the world.

Since that date RuneScape has gone from strength to strength: expanding as both a game – with regular updates giving new storylines, quests and maps produced by the content development team – and as an ever-growing community of sociable online gamers.

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